July 15th, 2021

SEO facts you should know to grow your healthcare practice

Internet is an essential part of our daily routine today. Everything we want to know is available on Google.

Ranking on Google is a tricky business and is important for a healthcare practice to grow. With the constant change in the algorithms of the search engine, it is becoming hard for the providers to rank their business on Google.

It has become important for healthcare providers to understand SEO so that they can convince Google to give their website top spots. Here are some of the SEO facts that should be considered before you plan an SEO strategy to rank your practice on Google.

Target local keywords –

When someone tries to find a practice online, they will visit clinics in nearby areas. Even if they don’t provide a location, Google knows and will deliver results within a specific area. In some cases, people provide location names, zip to narrow down the search to find a practice nearby.

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You can improve your SEO using the best local keywords, these keywords are easy to rank and drive quality visitors to your website.

A highly optimized website can help SEO –

Optimizing your healthcare practice website is more than making it beautiful. A great-looking website is very important, however, to make your website acquire top spots the website should convince Google. Few quick notes to make your website Google Friendly:

  1. Mobile-optimized website: More than 75% of people are using mobile to conduct a search on Google. It is critical that your website functions well on any mobile. You can achieve that by building a responsive website that has the capability to adapt its size according to device width.
  2. Loading time: Nobody likes a slow website. Keep your website load time under 3 seconds to retain the interest of the users in your practice website. 90% of users abandon a slow-loading website.
  3. Call to Actions (CTA): Your website must have CTA’s at every important place. It encourages users to take action to book an appointment.

Positive Online Reputation –

Nearly 95% of people don’t want to consult doctors who have less than 4-star ratings. Generally, people would like to consult providers having 4.5 or more ratings. These ratings have an equal effect on ranking factors.

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Asking for feedback is important for your practice growth. You can do so by sending a feedback email with the Google reviews link in it. It should be a part of your daily routine. There are various other platforms for review like yelp.

If you want to see your practice increase patient count, then you must improve rankings on local keywords, optimize your website for users and search engines and focus on online reputation to achieve your practice goals.

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