Healthcare Online Reputation Management

With an impeccable online presence and positive review generation, you can attract new patients every day. Gain More Patients is the best healthcare ORM agency to manage your online image and patient care. Increase the visibility of your medical practice with digital advertising, patient surveys, online appointments, etc. Create an experience of a lifetime for your patients that urges them to visit again.

You save lives, and we take care of your image!


Adapt to the digital world and adopt branding strategies with Gain More Patients. Establish an online reputation through smart branding.

Personal Relations

Maintain excellent relations with patients through the best medical ORM agency. Reach out through emails, SMS, surveys, etc.

Consumer Education

Educate your consumers about your medical services and make your practice their first choice for a healthcare appointment.


Medical Online Reputation Management (ORM) services

Whenever a patient wants to find out about the credibility of practice, they turn to online sources. This is the reason why your online presence has to be flawless. GPM provides digital marketing services for doctors to interact better with their patients and portray the constant availability of their medical services.
Using the ORM services of a healthcare ORM agency, you can create a wide network of patients, improve your brand image, market your expertise, and thus, make your practice much more approachable. Additionally, you benefit from ranking on browsers like Google and reach more people around the country.

Applying these marketing strategies has proven to be of immense use in providing valid information, creating brand awareness, and patient engagement. Gain More Patients as a healthcare content marketing company has been helping clients accomplish these targets.

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The ORM services that we offer are

  • Digital Marketing
  • GPM offers services to market and establishes your online reputation across all major affiliate marketing sites such as on Youtube , Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Reputation Management
  • Reputation management is one of our best healthcare ORM services and can make your practice appear superior.

  • Positive Image
  • Positivity attracts patients. We put forward your best services and reviews online to attract patients and create a positive reputation online.

  • Review Alerts
  • Our software helps you receive alerts on negative reviews, to avoid reputation issues. All the testimonials and star ratings will be directly showcased on your practice’s website.

  • Patient Satisfaction Strategies
  • Enable your patients to receive satisfaction surveys right after the appointment. Reinforce your reputation through efficient customer relations and gain positive feedback from patients.

  • Referrals
  • Generate referrals through existing and old patients while boosting your online reputation.

Benefits of hiring GMP as your ORM agency –

Gain More Patients functions only for your growth and success in the medical sector. With much competition, you need a supporting hand that lifts you towards great heights.

Even with great medical services and treatments, you often fail to acquire new patients. This is the reason why we ensure you establish supremacy in both facets.

Here are the benefits you procure by associating with GMP a medical ORM leading agency

  • Generate New Leads

    Gain new patients with positive reviews and recommendations online. With informative content and exceptional website ranking, there is no chance of missing out on patients.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    As a healthcare ORM services company, our company ensures to be in constant sync with your team and provide utmost satisfaction with our services.

  • Experience and Knowledge

    The task of initiating your digital presence is not easy. We will provide the expertise, knowledge, and market research that it requires. You will be assisted by a team who is well versed in your trade.

  • Learn With Us

    You will be involved throughout the journey of developing a perfect online presence. You will get to learn the new and old tricks of medical digital marketing so that you can add your personal touch anytime you want.

  • Track Your Performance

    Tracking performance is essential to know whether the strategies are working or not. Our daily, weekly, & monthly updates help you track the performance of your website and the number of clients you have gained.

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Services of the Online Reputation Management (ORM) company

The essence of Gain More Patients is its Online Reputation Management services. We are one of the best healthcare ORM service providers in the market due to our competency, out-of-the-box strategies, and comprehension on the needs of our clients.

The importance of online reputation is realized only after an episode of bad press. Luckily, with GMP, you will never have to face deterring reviews or declining patients. With our aid, we will together convert your additional patient leads gained into actual paying patients.

You can achieve constant interaction with your patients by hiring us to control your online conversations, queries, reviews, etc. We target mainly the experience of your patients at your practice. We ensure that patients do not have any issues with the front desk, paperwork, billing, etc. A positive patient experience means a positive review. The services we offer as an ORM company are -

  • Removal of negative comments

    Negative comments highly affect your online reputation. We ensure that your website and social media pages are free of it.

  • Content development and management

    We develop content for your online platforms and manage the response it garners.

  • Online review monitoring

    As an ORM agency, we keep all your conversations with your clients and their post reviews. We target negative spam reviewers and collect positive reviews to establish faith amongst other clients.

  • Managing auto-suggestions

    Appear in the ad suggestions of your client with our auto-suggestion services. We manage all the ads that are put forward by your practice and track response.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Sentiment analysis is performed on all your communication channels, and we observe the response of your clients. We plan ORM strategies according to the response of your client.

    With our irresistible services, there is nothing to think about. Reach out to us today to reach the zenith in your medical career!

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